Saturday, March 3, 2012

Excitment is in the air!

As this week
 comes to an end, so many of my short term goals have been met.

For those of you who don't know me and those of you who do, I love making lists! I even on occasion have lists and alternative lists for my lists!
Lists make me happy, they give me a peace, they keep me focused and they keep me on tract. My grandson Shelton also enjoys making a list and will comment when we go shopping together cross that off and whats next, or even a cautionary warning of "stay on task grandma that's not on the list".

So imagine my delight when my list got done!
  • new email address -check! (
  • new website- check! (
  • new Facebook page- check! (romanticabymarguerite)
  • new Google ad campaign-check
  •  and then all the above was linked together including my blog,Twitter account, IMDB, Amazon purchase link,a bio, and the 1st chapter free to read in a one stop place on my website!
Oh, the Joy of it all. As the heavens parted and the angels sang, i basked in the self indulgent warmth of a job well done.
That's when it hit me "I need to make a new list"!

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