Sunday, March 25, 2012

The reviews are in! 4 out of 5 stars!!

Its been a wonderful journey so far.With people from all over the world buying my book and "LIKING" my Romantica by Marguerite face book page. Last week i asked you to please write a review and honestly  i  had no idea who would respond and what would be said. So far any one who has ever commented on my book were friends and business partners, in other words people who might not want to say they didn't like it in fear of hurting my feelings.
The public reviews that were posted on Kindle and Amazon were from complete strangers, and the first one was from a man! Your kind words have truly touched my heart.
Ive always felt because i was the oldest of 7 children and my sister didn't come along until sibling 4, I relate to men better than women.
If i was asked to go shoe shopping with a bunch of girlfriend, or go after work to have a beer with the guys , I'm having the beer!
My gay friends fall somewhere in between. But when i do pal with the ladies they are women with history, scars just under the skin, stories to tell or secrets to keep.
They are smart women, women who survive, woman who know the importance of being a friend.
Its from the many men and women in my life that i find my characters.

But like all things there has to be a beginning so i thought i would show you how "the Intern" began.

This is my original story line, from this skeleton "The intern" was born.  


He was just out of college when she met him; he worked at her office as an intern.

It was odd at first this young man so eager to please so good at interpreting her next move. Had she not clawed her way to the top and secured secrets on everyone in the office, she might have been concerned that this young upstart would be after her job.

So it was no surprise that William was assigned to her in the morning meeting.
DAM IT if she didn't detect the ever so slight smile cross his face! Lisa locked a dead stare at William and they shared a common thought. GAME ON!! 

Lisa wasn't top sales person for nothing. She worked long hard hours. She had to. She put in the extra time so that others thought she was effortless. Lisa was a Bitch, she knew it and so did everyone else. So when William was assigned to her, she vowed to send another intern crying and running for the door.

Everything about Lisa was a calculation from the black stilettos pumps to the black stockings and garters she wore. She liked the way it made her feel. A woman in a man's world.

For the next month they were inseparable, try as she may she could not shake him, from coffee runs to picking up her dry cleaning to making last minute dinner reservations she was wicked to him but he was always the ying to her yang.

She started to notice William, the way he worked, the way he spoke, even the way he never yelled. He was cool and polished and she liked that about him

He grew on her and she didn’t mind. She had no time to figure it out there was always too much to do.

Mr. Solomon had just died and the widow wanted the property sold. Every Realtor in town was after that listing.

William and her would take the widow to dinner and secure that listing!

WILLIAM! WILLIAM! Where is he now? She turned and almost ran into him. He was standing there with her coat draped over his arm and her keys in is hand smiling at her. Lisa paused for a second and then turned to get her purse. Oh No she snagged her stocking on the desk.

William reached into his briefcase and pulled out another pair. William what did you do, how did you know! Those are Chanel and you can only get them in Paris! William just smiled and said "were going to be late". She let him lead her to the office to change and then out to the waiting car.

But William knew everything about her. The way she took her coffee, how she twirled her hair when she was nervous, even her favorite French perfume. But most of all, he knew her body, the way it curved, moved, and smelled. He could close his eyes and still see her. He loved everything about her. She was a woman, his kind of women.

He purposely walks behind her just to take her in. She would be his, of this he was sure.

William hand picked the restaurant. It was exclusive and darker lit than most. He made arraignments to sit in the back and whispered to Lisa it was better for business. 

The meeting went flawlessly. Lisa was a pro. William enjoyed watching her mouth move her mind respond to every objection. To him she was beautiful.

The dinner was concluded with the signing of the contract, and Lisa walked the widow to the car. When she returned William had the champagne waiting. Why not ...they had just scored the golden ring away from everyone else in town. She was in the mood for champagne!! The evening was filled with laughter and at the end of the bottle she was snuggled next to him with his arm around her. She thought they made a great team and together they could crush the competition.

As they left and walked back to the car Lisa leaned in and kissed him. Maybe it was the champagne, the moon overhead or maybe just maybe she had met her match. She didn't know or care. They rode back to the office in silence each afraid to speak for fear the magic of the night would be broken.

As they entered her office he closed the door behind them she heard the click of the lock. Lisa was afraid to turn around. Back at the restaurant was one thing but here in her office? She was frozen. She couldn't move.
William came up behind her; ever so gently he kissed her neck, softly nibbling her ear. She was melting. She turned around and fell into his arms.

William was tall, and muscular he walked her backwards and laid her back on her desk. He unbuttoned her blouse and slipped off her skirt. She looked like he pictured her sensuous and full of curves.

She reached out for him and he came closer kissing at her neck and working his way to her breasts. Her back arched with the attention he gave her breasts and as he worked his way down her stomach she let out a soft whimper. Lower and lower he went until he was driving her crazy with the movements of his tongue. Her fingers entangled in his hair, pushing his head in rhythm with her hips. Just when she thought she would go mad he stopped and helped her to a sitting position. Her fingers quickly undoing his belt as he pulled his shirt over his head. Lisa dropped to her knees and now it was his turn to hold onto the desk and moan she held him in both her hands as she licked and used her teeth to nibble him into surrender.

Lisa stood and pushed him onto the floor and straddled him. Riding him slowly at first and then more frantically until he rolled over on top of her. They were both mad with passion, Lisa scratching at his back and grabbing his bottom. He pumped wildly into her until they both came in each others arms.

They lay together for a while and then got dressed.William went back to Lisa's house where they made love again. This time slower and more deliberate. Early that morning they enjoyed breakfast, but soon they were dropping their robes, they ravaged each other in the kitchen and again later in the shower.

William never left......both had found what they were looking for.

As always i thank you for your continued support .

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