Monday, July 30, 2012

My First Book "The Intern"

Well its been 2.5 years since my bus stop revelation, and the journey has been eye opening.
I not only had to find myself but be content with what i found.
Does "The Secret" work? Do i owe it all to Oprah?
Well to some degree i must admit, it does, and i do.
I guess what i learned is no one is stuck, everything can change,you can be happy without upsetting the universe.
Everyone can drink a glass of wine, throw caution into the wind, and fling their panties in the fountain, even if the fountain is only in your back yard!

In "The Intern" i wrote about myself, friends and gossip from my Real estate days.
The intoxication of power,clothes, and sex.
In the 80's everyone dressed like Linda Evans from "Dynasty". Big blonde hair, long nails, and a new car.
Woman were just as powerful as men, in fact some even more so.
I knew a women who was so sexual that when the Broker asked her how she managed to close the deal he had been chasing himself she laughed at him and said "she closed it bent over the kitchen table".
Was everyone i knew a slut? Well of course not, they just didn't make the enjoy!