Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog, Blog, go away, come again another day!

Alright ill be honest....i have been avoiding this blog like the plague.
I have no idea why.
Maybe because i have nothing pithy to say. Week's been very boring.
I guess i can tell you whats on the horizon?
Ohhh, i know what did happen, so for those of you that have read the book. I ran into Lalo!
Well in real life his name isn't Lalo but he is every bit exactly what i wrote about him , AND THEN SOME!
I've known this gentleman and  Santero Priest for maybe 20 years and even though i call him friend i had avoided time and time again to tell him he was in my book. YIKES!
Oh God please don't be mad was all i could  keep saying again and again inside my head.
But instead he was flattered and overjoyed!
As he yelled for his assistant "Charlie" to come and hear the great news. I had to explain all over again to both of them that i had written a romance novel and i wrote a character based on him and his faith.
I changed his name because its really not him but based on him and then a healthy helping of my imagination.
I don't think either of them heard or cared about what i was saying.
The only feed back was that i didn't write enough about him!Wow that could have gone so wrong have no idea!
Next he requested that i  autograph a book for him of which i did. Im sure its going on one of his special alters.
So if starting this week my book sale jump through the roof, ill have a sneaky suspicion i know why.

Alright so i guess my week wasn't so boring.

So that's what happened this week and hopefully this week coming i will start work on my second book "Roxanne". Whereas the first book i considered romantic i consider this next book erotica!
But ill explain more about that later.


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