Sunday, March 11, 2012

Too Hot for Facebook!

Too Hot For Facebook
No, this is not a joke, and yes my book cover for “The Intern” was rejected.
It started innocently enough with a Facebook ad campaign my daughter Sunshine built for me.
With the intention to promote not only my “Romantica by Marguerite” Facebook page but also to continue to build sales and exposure for my 1st book.
That’s when we received the email…..We had violated Facebook’s decency clause! 
At first I was hurt, then angered.
A few hours later and after a glass of wine, I was kinda “ ok “with it and actually laughed thinking  well if they only knew what was inside!
Didn’t I want to be “Too Hot for Facebook” and actually I did.
But the craziness continued and Facebook had us look at the following criteria (see link) before they would have us try again. (Face book had sent the dirty ladies to detention. Imagine if they knew we were mother daughter)
Ok call me crazy but my book cover didn’t show anything! Yes they were naked but it was waist up and not even cleavage could be seen.
Now, im not the kind of person to back down and even if I had been thinking it, being told I was rejected and their refusal to take my money PISSED ME OFF.
Alright plan “B” get another cover.
We started to look at images on line but I didn’t want to purchase any more artwork only to find out we would get rejected again.
So since the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, I asked my daughter what sexy boudoir pictures she had. FYI, nothing my daughters love more than sexy outfits and a camera shoved in their face!
And yes these are my daughter Sunshine’s legs!
We held our breath and submitted the new advertising book cover to Facebook and a few hours later we received the official email, “Congratulations your ad meets with our standards and you are approved”!
So the lesson learned here is “covered up nakedness is still naked” but “a silent come hither invitation to peek up ones raised up skirt” is good wholesome fun.
This concludes our class on “Mixed Signals” of advertising.
See you next time.

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