Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Write What You Know

Isn't that the advice that everyone gives you after they roll their eyes? Well its always the advice i have heard people say.
And it was what i went with.
I knew things that nobody else knew. I knew how to make lemon aid when life gave you lemons.
I was the oldest of 7 children, my father drank too much, and my mother cried too much, my uncles touched to much. I went to school with my hair in braids and a pair of shoes that had to last all year.
I was good in school despite all the setbacks.
When i got older i learned what boys wanted and how that gave me power.
I could turn a "c" in math into an "a" just by shedding a tear and wearing a tight sweater.
Please don't think that im feeling sorry for myself, actually those were the worst and best times of my life. I  wouldn't trade them for anything.
Those years made me who i am today.
I learned to be a survivor. There was nothing wrong with getting knocked down just as long as you got up again.
Years later when i got my Real Estate license i excelled in a whole new way.
I wore a suit and carried a briefcase and worked with women who were some of the best of the best. They put a whole new meaning to the word "shark".
Oh and yes i learned one more thing success gave you both money and sex and no street drug came close to the feeling or power that brought you.
I wanted more!

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