Monday, December 26, 2011

My Inspiration

Ok, so I'm not that different from most people, i was waiting at the bus stop on my way to work one morning and it hit me..I HATE MY STUPID LIFE!.
It was a revelation! An awakening! I had been in retail for almost 20 years and had scraped  and clawed my way to the middle.Not that i wouldn't have slept myself to the top if given the chance, but remember this is Retail.
Trust me when i say that the gay casting couch in Hollywood is nothing compared to what goes on in high end retail.
I have personally seen married with children straight males, passed up for promotion after promotion..until they wise up and become "gay for pay".
in the short end of 18months they are rubbing elbows with the fashion executives wearing white capris rolled up at the ankles and a pink polo with martini glasses embroidered on it, discussing weekend getaways.
Then as if by magic they are promoted out of the store to executive level where their roles become more fluid and less structured and completely unaccountable.
Am i middle aged and bitter? YES, YOU BET.
Ok so with that off my chest and my personal loathing at a fever what?

Crap i have no idea what comes next...I'm sitting at a bus stop.... so running away to Paris and throwing my panties in a fountain may look great on paper but hardly a reality in my world.
So as the number 5 bus to century city pulls up, my midlife crisis evaluation would have to wait.

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