Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Secret


So i dove into the book, devouring every morsel of information.
  • I tried to see the positive in everything (easier said than done)
  • I cut up magazine after magazine making scrapbooks of what my perfect life would look like.
  • i even started drawing (i dont draw)
  • I started looking to the universe for signs
What i unknowingly had done was to ask myself what i wanted, all my life i did what others expected of me. I was a wife, a mother, and now a grandmother.
Not that these were bad things but they were things for other people.
I prayed/ chanted and as i did this my mind wandered, and opened it self up to the possibilities.
The book teaches, if you want it, imagine it, don't tell yourself its not possible.
If you want a new car don't  tell yourself you cant afford it, go out and test drive it, feel yourself behind the wheel, the plush leather seats, drive around town on your test drive.
Or back up a minute and think, if i had that car what would i wear driving it? how would it make me feel? how would i want to act wearing my new outfit and driving this new car?
I was excising my imagination! I was never good in language arts in school never took a writing class, ever!
But with the help of this book i started daydreaming about the endless possibilities and i started writing them down.

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