Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Can Never Go Home Again

Thats a bunch of crap!
Well to be more specific ....I have been letting my fantasy filled mind drift back to memories and times that were happy for me. Before the kids, before the pile of bills, before life made me jaded and distrusting.
A time when young love and heartache ruled a teenage girls life and her dreams were hot and torrid and filled with longing. Friends that were close as sisters and giggles and secrets were shared. Home coming queen and a closet door covered in "love is..." cartoons cut out of the local paper.
The sound tract was Carly Simon, Cat Stevens, crocodile rock and dancing in the moonlight. The air was thick with the scent of apricots and every night was magical.
Tonight i connected with a very dear friend that i had thought i lost. She doesn't know it but she gave me a gift, the gift of youth. Tonight as i drift off to sleep im 15years old again, young and pretty and the whole world yet to discover.
"To sleep perchance to dream"

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