Saturday, January 28, 2012

I Missed My Moment!

Wow..where do i begin.
Deb my best friend and partner in crime called me on my birthday last year to convince me that i should publish one of the treatments i had written. I was opposed at first but threw caution to the wind and said ok lets do this! over the next 7 months there were endless phone calls, setbacks,and rewrites. I was  the annoying kid in the back of Debs car yelling "are we there yet"?!! Im sure on more than one occasion she wanted to back hand me from the front seat....HA!  
Well any way on with my grip.
My fantasy of what should have happened and what did happen could not have been more different.
What should have happened..
I pop the champagne and celebrate over dinner , or have a "invite only " cocktail party at my house.
What did happen...
I was at work when i received a call from Deb who just informed me i had" gone live". I said that's great can i call you back?

Sean Astin and his production team (Adopting Terror)were rolling into the studio and i was trying to get everybody settled, i also needed to collect paperwork and funds. Its was a cluster of bees all trying to get there questions answered 1st.

Meanwhile My other production (Vanished) was running behind because Mischa Barton was not feeling well, and all were converging at my desk at once.
Truth be told this was a pretty typical day in my world. Maybe its true the watched pot never boils! Then this book may be a runaway best

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