Saturday, September 29, 2012

Move Over 50 Shades! Here Comes THE PROPOSAL

Anna Sinclair seemed to have the world on a string. She was beautiful and well educated. She was born to privilege and a self made millionaire several times over. What could reduce her to tears each and every month like clockwork? It wasn't hormones. Anna had a cad of an ex-husband who possessed a natural talent for routinely trampling on her thoroughly broken heart. That begged the question of why she insisted on seeing him each month to pay the exorbitant alimony he won during the contentious divorce. Anna's peculiar therapy seemed to be working. After a couple of years, the ex no longer made her cry. She was venturing out more and more. She was even luring handsome young men to bed. Ida Morgan, Anna's closest friend and business manager, should have been relieved. But then, Anna caught the eye of the most dangerous man in her social circle, Nicholas Winthrop III.

Anna thinks Ida and her mother are nuts where Nicco Winthrop is concerned. He came from the same social circle. He was well educated and even wealthy in his own right as well as an heir to a vast fortune. And he was beyond gorgeous. He couldn't be up to half of what the rumors alleged and have time for his businesses. But there is something...unusual about Nicco's appetites. Despite a strong attraction, he won't even kiss Anna unless she agrees to submit to all of his desires. He can't be serious, can he? Does he really want to keep her as his pet for three months. Can she get into being naked and on her knees for a man she's never kissed? Could she ever get into getting paddled or having sex while shackled? And...what if she likes it? What happens then?

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