Propsal Synopsis

If You Liked 50 Shades of Gray,

You Will Love The Proposal

Anna Sinclair seems to have the world on a string. She is beautiful and powerful and wealthy. Not only did she create her own fortune 500 business of all natural beauty products, she also steps into her father's large shoes and brings his gigantic conglomerate into the current century while making an even bigger fortune than she had before. She is respected by Wall Street and the envy of many in her lofty social circle. But all isn't what it seems. Anna is a failure at love. Her marriage to a starving artist while she was a student abroad has ended in bitter acrimony, infidelity and a messy public divorce. Anna is left fragile and insecure, a perfect target for a perfect predator.

Nicholas Winthrop III definitely has the world at his feet. He is literally tall, dark and handsome with a strong jar and seemingly sensitive dark eyes. He is also very successful in his own right before taking the reigns of a family business that has been a source of vast wealth for over a hundred years. Women all over the world flock to him, but there has never been anything permanent. In fact, rumors swirl about the social club that he has strange and dangerous 'practices' that make him unsuitable as anything more than an affair for women in his and Anna's social circle.

One fateful afternoon, Anna and Nicholas cross paths at their family's club. Anna was fresh from a go around with her greedy ex-husband and in need of a diversion. Nicholas was killing time before a stockholders meeting. A brief flirtation starts murmurs among the blue bloods. Their obvious attraction and playful public flirtation causes quite a stir. Anna pays none of that any mind. It's Nicholas who has her attention. It's clear that he wants her, so why does he tell her that he cannot even touch her with an un-gloved hand until she agrees to everything he wants from her? Despite warnings from her closest friend and her panicked mother, Anna agrees to find out what terms Nicholas is demanding.

During an explosive encounter at Nicholas' home, Anna discovers that the heir to the Winthrop fortune is a lifestyle Dom, a Master of BDSM. His proposal to Anna is that she agrees to live with him on his estate as a 24/7 submissive to his sexual whims and desires. He has her sit in on a session with one of his 'playthings.” Anna should have been appalled, but she finds herself intrigued. She never ever thought she'd consider such a proposal. But then, she never thought she'd have such incredible sex all over the apartment of a man she only knew through a charity even held once a year. There is something about him and the intensity of his regard for her. Never before had anyone made her feel more desirable. Anna should have been afraid, but she found herself agreeing to the arrangement for 90 days.

Once her word was given, Anna could not take it back. Now, she must find a way to hang onto all that she holds dear while taking what seems to be a reckless chance with a man she hardly knows. Being a submissive is about trust, right? There is something about Nicholas that makes her want to trust him. There is something incredibly exciting about the dark path he is offering. And she can't help but thing that there is something more than physical pleasure he is getting from this arrangement.

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