Thursday, April 5, 2012

It Was All Coming Together

It Was All Coming Together

My list went as follows:
Carrie Bradshaw /like
Joan Wilder/ like
Anne Rice (A. N. Roquelaure) / love
Books that taught, inspired, or assumed you knew something already/disliked!!
Let me explain...
Carrie Bradshaw wrote about her everyday life, her ups her downs, her weird friends, she had a way of being nurturing and outspoken at the same time. I could do this!
I had been in retail for the last 15 years i was queen of the back handed compliment.

Joan Wilder she wrote about being rescued, by someone with muscles.

A.N. Roquelaure she wrote "The Sleeping Beauty" trilogy....Wow where do i start? I remember the fist time i stumbled upon her writing. My kids attended Beverly Hills High School and my husband was an Agent. I was a housewife with time on my hands. I could walk to century city mall from where we lived and often strolled through the mall for my daily exercise. On this morning i decided  to pick up another romance novel, I loved romance novels. For all you local people this was before the remodel when the books store was on the first floor tucked behind the movie ticket stand (and bookstores did not come with coffee shops!). Well anyway..i was looking thru the selection and no book covers were jumping out at me, so i decided to ask for some assistance.
I no longer remember his name but he had long hair and looked like he would be more at home at a record store.He didnt see me walking up to him because he was absorbed in the book he was reading,
Hi, can you help me? I said
I was looking for a book and coudnt find anything i hadnt seen before.As he bookmarks his page he asks well what kind of book were you looking for? The gardening section is to your right and the cooking section is next to the kids books.
I stood there for a moment just silently staring at him and then said "where is you bored housewife who just wants to escape for an afternoon dept." Well where is that section?!
Sitting there behind the glass counter it was his turn to stare at me, he did so as if he was trying to make a decision.
He asked me with a very serious tone "how bored are you"?
Looking him in the eyes returning stare for stare i replied "very".
He gets up and walks around the counter saying follow me. We go to a place tucked into the corner and the men who are in that section clear out. The sales clerk selects hand me 3 books. I protest saying i only need one not three. Its a trilogy he said handing the books back to me. Well i dont want to buy all three, what if i dont like the first one?
You must buy all three because you will not be able to bring yourself back here and ask me for the other two.
I held the books looking at the covers and thinking they are very plain and boring.
How can you be so sure i asked him.
He didnt really answer me he just kind of smiled.
Fine give me the damn books, i said.

He was right i devoured them! And i would of never been able to ask for the second book had i not purchased it. I had no idea the written word could be so erotic, and as i read and reread every line A.N. Roquelaure brought me to my first literary orgasm.

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